Monday, 17 March 2014

Poor Little Dead Girls by Lizzie Friend- Review

I recieved this book from Merit Press (thank you!) and was immediately drawn to the title which is so memorable, and the cover is really great and eye-catching.
Perfect people aren't just born. They're made.

The first time she is blindfolded and kidnapped, star-athlete and posh boarding school newbie Sadie is terrified. She wakes up in a dark room surrounded by hushed whispers, hooded strangers, and a mysterious voice whispering not-so-sweet nothings in her ear.

But once the robes come off, she realizes it’s just an elaborate prank designed to induct her into the group that’s been pulling the strings at Keating Hall for generations. The circle has it all--incredible connections; fabulous parties; and, of course, an in with the brother society’s gorgeous pledges.

The instant popularity is enough to make Sadie forget about the unexplained marks on her body, the creepy ceremonial rituals, and the incident that befell one of her teammates the year before. So the next time Sadie is kidnapped, she isn’t scared, but she should be. The worst of Keating Hall is yet to come.
-From Goodreads
When I first started this book, I had no idea what was going to happen and this made it more exciting to read. However, I found it hard to get into the book to start with. I felt like the characters weren't given any back story or any traits for me to imagine them with or to base them on. Sadie (the main character,) I thought, we never really got to know well enough. This just made it a bit more difficult to relate to people in the book or sympathise with them.
There was quite a slow start with not a lot of action or deelopment of characters, but once the story began to unfold, I really started to enjoy the book. I liked the mystery that came with the story and the way that we were left to put together clues ourselves. Also, the dialogue between usually Sadie and a friend was always really convincing as teenagers. They used language that was believable and this made reading a lot more enjoyable.
My favourite parts of the story were near the end where the action started to take place and the plot really began to get great. I thought that the plot was really original and I haven't read anything like this before. The idea of a posh boarding-school was fun to read about and imagine what it must be like to go to a boarding school. Personally though, I thought the ending was a little short, and I would've liked for there to be a little more detail in the end.
Overally, I think that this book would be enjoyed by people who like YA mystery stories, because there are a lot of clues and problems to solve in this story. I would give this 3/5 because while the story was great, the characters weren't hugely described.

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