Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Wonder by R.J. Palacio~ Review

A book that you will remember for a very long time is Wonder. It is a book that teaches you kindness and equality like no person could do and it is written in a really beautiful way that I thought was quite unique.
August is the main character and right from the start of the book you learn that he looks different from others. If August was a real living human, I would want to be best friends with him because his attitude is amazing and his niceness comes in an abundance. His face is different and he was born like it, but my favourite thing is that- because it is a book- you don't judge the character by how he looks, but his personality. I know August is a character, but I feel like in the real world it should be that way too. That's the sort of thing you will think about after reading this book. If you thought you were morally a good person, this story will make you want to be better. Anyway, August has nothing wrong with his brain or limbs or anything and his face is the only thing that makes him different to others, and the story is mainly about how this affects his life (even though it shouldn't).
He has a sister, Via, who is protective of him and when he starts real school for the first time in fifth grade, his parents are protective too. Through the story, I found a lot of things really upsetting because I only just realised how horrible children can be, but how thoughtful and great they can be too. The whole book just makes you think about people more. I love a lot of the characters in the book, August in particular but others too like his parents, sister, and the friends who stick by him.
It's hard not to give the story away, but he meets a lot of nasty people and goes through a lot of nasty things before the end of the story. However, it is from the end of the story that I would like to share a poem that I really, really adore.
"Do all the good you can,
 By all the means you can,
 In all the ways you can,
 In all the places you can,
 At all the times you can,
 As long as you ever can.- John Wesley's Rule"
I can't recommend this book highly enough. It is honestly so brilliant and it makes you think but it isn't a book that makes your head hurt because you can't do anything but think. It is written quite simply but in a way that is great and not patronising and is perfect for boys or girls.
I would say this is suitable for anyone from the age of 10-16. This is because it is written simply enough for a 10 year old to enjoy, but not too simply that a 16 year old would not enjoy it. The story, in my opinion, is perfect for any age, bit or small and the morals are even more suitable for everyone. Adults, I think could enjoy the book too because it is basically just great.
Sadly,I can't find any more books that are by R.J. Palacio, and this is bad because I would love to read more by her! If anyone can suggest any similar stories please, please let me know!

Wonder is available from Amazon for£5.24 with free delivery in the UK

It is the same price in Waterstones with free delivery in the UK also.


  1. I read Wonder a couple of months ago and totally agree - it's such a v book. I lent it to my mum after I'd read and she loved it too, so you're definitely right about it being good for most ages! I haven't heard anything about a second book by R.J. Palacio either but I really hope there'll be one soon. Lovely review!

  2. Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed the book as much as I did and thank you for reading the review! :)