Review Policy

All of my reviews are of my own personal and honest opinion and will (From January 1st 2014) contain a rating out of 5. They will  also include: 
  • A picture of the front cover (or one version of the front cover)- because although you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover, it's okay to do that every once in a while!
  • A link to where you could buy the book- I will try to find the cheapest place or give a few different options :)
  • An honest and hopefully non-boring opinion of the book, with reasons and an idea of who might like this book (e.g.age groups it would suit)
If there is anything you would like me to review or anything to do with a giveaway then contact me via the Contact Form on the sidebar and I would be very happy to hear from you.
I will review anything that...
  • Is either YA or Adult but also suitable for teenagers
  • Is of a genre suitable for teenagers- my favourite are Dystopias and Contemporary
  • Is a physical copy- some pdf's are fine but I don't have an eReader so eBooks are sort of ruled out. 
  • Is written in English, as sadly I cannot speak any other languages.
  • Is a fiction book.
Thank you for checking out my blog! 

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