Friday, 29 November 2013

Requiem by Lauren Oliver Review (Delirium Trilogy)

So, I finished the trilogy. And I miss it. I miss the adventure and the unpredictable story lines and the characters too.

In Requiem, the book is one chapter written from Lena's point of view and one from Hannah's, then one from Lena's, then one from Hannah's and so on. I liked this because it showed what was going on in different places and how the characters had changed and, in places, remained the same.
As with a lot of trilogies, I was worried that the final book would be an anti-climax or end somewhere that didn't seem right. But, with Requiem, I actually really liked the ending. I liked the message that it gave out and that small parts were left to be made up by the reader. It is the ultimate ending and throughout all three books there is a constant undertone of suspense- an always there question of what is to happen next. The last book didn't disappoint, containing a lot of action all the way through.

Requiem - Delirium Trilogy 3
As always, Lauren Oliver's writing is brilliant and something that I think is really good for this book. It's not too easy to the point of being patronising as some YA books can be, but is also not too heavy or hard to read. Sort of like a perfect balance.

It's hard to write a review that doesn't give a lot away when writing about a book series, but I really wanted to review this because I enjoyed it so much. What I can say though, is that Lena, as a character, becomes even more likeable for me. She is no longer the weak girl that we met in Delirium, which is such a relief. The story continues from Pandemonium and stays with a strong plot, extending on from the last book but adding new things as well. It never gets boring and is likely to make you not want to put the book down.

I would recommend this book for ages 13 upwards and know that adults love the Delirium trilogy too. (My mum is reading it now.)

You can buy it on amazon here for £4.39 or from Waterstones here for £5.24.

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