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Book series

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Reading a book series can be wonderful for so many reasons. Especially because when you've finished the first book, if you've enjoyed it, you won't suffer from post book depression but can just glide flawlessly into the next. It allows extra and extensive fangirling and there are always huge fandoms over trilogies or series. As the story develops the characters do too which makes you more attached to them.
Sometimes, however, the first in a series is amazing and you need to tell the world just how great it is... Until the next book comes along and is a disappointment. I think that that is the risk you take when deciding to read a set of books- whether the story will get better or just downhill. But, I'm a big fan of book series and find that I enjoy them more than not. They let me enjoy the characters for longer, have a longer look into their lives and the story that they carry with them. 

Here, I'm going to list a few book series that I have read and give a brief review of each one. They are in preference order! 
1. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins- Probably most of the people reading this will have read this trilogy. I loved each book, didn't find any disappointment and found the stories fast paced and never boring. Katniss lives in Panem, a place where each year 12 boys and 12 girls have to compete in the Hunger games where they have to survive. The winner is the last one alive. Just read it, honestly. There's not a lot I can say because I would go on for too long if I did. If you like books that are awesomely great and greatly awesome then read this.
(YA, would recommend for ages 12 up)

2. Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling- Again, another extremely popular series. There are 6 books in total, all promising huge excitement and should come with a warning that once you start getting into the adventures, you will not put the book down. For me, the books get better as the series goes on. I don't really know how I can summarise a series of books that are so well known and adored. You've undoubtedly heard of the books anyway, if not read the books or seen the films yourselves. On every page is a sprinkle of magic and although I read this quite a while ago, I will definitely be a potterhead for a long, long time.
(YA- I would recommend age 12 and up again)
3. The Deliruim Trilogy by Lauren Oliver- I've literally only just finished reading this trilogy and I enjoyed it so much! I think that the story line and plot are incredible and are very original. I loved the way Lauren Oliver wrote the story and am eternally jealous of her writing skills and the imagery she creates! Delirium is set in an America where love is a disease and anyone who shows signs of having the 'disease' is killed or punished severely. It is full of twists and drama and makes me grateful for the way we are at the minute.
(YA- I would recommend this for ages 13 onwards)

4. A Witch In Winter Trilogy by Ruth Warburton- These books are not as well known as the previous three, but I enjoyed them a lot! The books feature a girl called Anna who doesn't believe in magic- let alone witches- until she moves to the small town of Winter where her powers reveal themselves. She meets a boy called Seth and in my opinion, he sounds pretty amazing, but there are things that could stop them from being together...
(YA, probably 13 up)

Friend Recommendations:
I asked on twitter which series people enjoy and was told The Hunger Games, which I have already featured, and the Deepwoods Series by Chris Riddell and Paul Stewart. These were given to me by @Charliebookworm. Also, I was told that the Percy Jackson series and A Series of Unfortunate Events are great book series. Percy Jackson for a younger and teen audience, and ASOUE for a younger age group. These were given to me by @VerbosityRevws of the awesome

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