Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Back to Blogging!

It feels like so long since I have been on here, and that's because it has been! I've done some of my exams now and I can finally focus more on my blog and not let it just become neglected. 

Firstly, thank you if you're reading  this after so long with no posts, and secondly, I will be making up for this by having some really interesting posts soon.

Tomorrow there will be an interview with Claudia Y. Burgoa, about her new contemporary romance novel, which will actually be the first interview I have on here!

On Saturday, I am hosting the Locks: Rapunzel Unhinged Book Tour, hosted by Neverland Book Tours with the amazing Jenny. This will be the first book tour I've hosted as well, so I'm really excited. 

Also on Saturday, I'm going to The Fringe (YALC) and literally can't wait. Hopefully I'll meet other bloggers and some brilliant writers too. I'm going with my auntie, Eve, who has her book coming out next year, which I am more excited for than most things.  Asdfghjkl!!!!!!!

If you're going to The Fringe, let me know so maybe I can talk to you, even though I'm going to be so shy, but hopefully that will go. :)

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