Sunday, 4 May 2014

Blogging Break

I've been putting off writing this post for at least a week now, but it's been ages since I last posted anything.
That's because I've got 4 gcse exams next week and 2 a few weeks later, so haven't had any time to post. I'm going to revision every night after school and some days to art catch up and at the moment I don't feel like I have any time to post.

I love having a blog so much and I don't want to fill it with things that aren't very good because I've rushed it,  which is what I would be doing if I was to put anything up in the next few weeks, so I've decided to tell you all about this and let you know that I won't be posting for probably the next month.

I'll hate not being on here but I guess school comes first :(

I don't want blogging to become something I'm only doing when I have to and not because I want to, so I think this is the best thing I can do at the minute.

But... I'm going to try and organise something great for when I'm back on here! Let me know if anyone would be interested in helping me with something, or any authors who would too. Thanks to all the bloggers who have always helped me :)


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