Monday, 24 March 2014

How to Read

Today I realised how many people don't read, and thought about what maybe puts them off and all those type of things. And then I thought that there literally is a book for everyone in the world. If you like reading about fruit eating spiders or boys from the eighties, there's probably a book about it, or maybe you want to read a book which will make you cry, and that's why planet Earth has John Green.

Here is some tips on how I convinced my friend to start reading, and now she loves it!

1. Don't just moan at them for the fact that they don't read because it will probably just put them off. I think that if you ask someone what sort of things they like then that's a good place to start.

2. If you find a book yourself that you think they might like then it takes that job off of your friend. If they've got the book there then they're more likely to pick it up than if they have to find one for themselves. It's also harder if you don't read very often because you might not know what's good or not.

3. You could offer to buddy read the book to give them some motivation to start the book. If this isn't what you or your friend would enjoy then I think you need to make sure they give the book a chance before putting it down. Maybe say 'try and read 25 pages at once before putting it down.' This will mean they won't give up too soon, hopefully.

4. Give them time! Some people, even those who LOVE reading take a while to finish a book. Everyone reads at different paces, and especially if you're not used to reading book after book, it might just take a little longer.

5. If they don't like the book or give up then it's fine. Reading just isn't for some people which is totally cool. Maybe try another book but if not then leave it for a while. There are always audio-books if that helps some people enjoy it more, but not everyone will want to do this either. :)

I hope this is helpful!

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