Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver- Review (Spoiler free)

I think that there is always a underlying worry when reading a trilogy or a sequel or whatever, that the next book won't reach the expectations that the previous book has put on it. That it will disappoint somehow. That's what I was thinking before I started to read Pandemonium. Delirium had finished so well and I didn't have any ideas about what would happen in the next book- all I knew was that I didn't want the story to be weak or below the standard that Delirium was at. And, I wasn't disappointed at all. The story was great and, I thought, just as good, if not better than Delirium. (My review of Delirium is here.)

Lauren Oliver has written a book that is just as great as the first, with non-stop adventure mixed with a lot of suspense and shockers. I thought that as a character, Lena also became more likeable; a representation of a girl that isn't stereotypically girly, as in being scared and screaming all of the time. In this second book, we follow her as she continues on from the events in the last book. What has happened in Delirium shapes how she is now but there's still a lot for her to overcome and do in order to properly be a part of her new life. Her traits have altered slightly which is really fun to read because it makes the story more interesting. What was the best thing for me about this book is that the story isn't just a development of Delirium but contains lots of drama and adventure in itself. It contains it's own excitement but is still true to the book that came before it.

As usual, the way Oliver writes is fantastic because, personally, it allows me to really build an image of what is happening in my brain. Also, the things that happen in the book are all very unpredictable which is good. Sometimes you can guess the plot or what is going to happen next but this time I couldn't. By the time you get to the middle of the book you will be hooked onto finding out what will happen and how the story will end. Then, at the end you will be dying, almost literally, for the final book. The ending is fab and if you haven't bought the book before reaching the last page, you will be kicking yourself because the wait is almost painful!

I would recommend this book for 13-18 year olds, but adults too, because that is what I recommended for Delirium.
You can buy it on amazon here for £3.86 or on Waterstones here for £5.59.
The final book in the trilogy is Requiem and Lauren Oliver has also written Before I Fall, which I haven't read but really want to!

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