Sunday, 20 October 2013

Hello :) I've never had a blog before but I'm excited about being able to write on here and work on it until it's how I want it to be. I started this blog because writing is fun and interesting and exciting. Reading is too. And to write about something that is equally as enjoyable as the writing part seems like a good idea.

 I feel like sometimes there are so many books that there is nothing to choose. If that makes sense. Because there are too many to choose from, I just leave the bookshop/exit away from the shelf in my mum's room/remove myself from the library slightly disappointed by my indecision. However... when I finally pick a book or am recommended a book to read, if it's good I want to tell somebody. Usually that's like my mum or aunty or the friend I have who reads also, but I would like to try and tell more people what I thought. Not that my opinion holds any judgement onto whether you would like it or not but it might help you in the very difficult desision of What Book To Pick.

So basically, that's why I called my blog The Blurb, because it will pretty much be a blurb of the book, just less biased, longer and hopefully it will be helpful.

I'm 15 by the way so most reviews will be Young Adult books, but there is almost always an exception to every rule. I would love that if you enjoy the reviews or find them useful, you could recommend my blog to somebody or maybe even follow it!

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