Sunday, 20 October 2013

What I will be doing here...

I will hopefully post a new review every week or for a while maybe twice a week as there are a lot of books I really want to write about that I read a while ago. Once I've done them I can review the books that I'm currently reading. I want the reviews to be easy to judge so you will know from the review what I thought about the book and for you to be able to decide if this book belongs on your bookshelf. To make this happen I'll include these things in each review:

  • A picture of the front cover (or one version of the front cover)- because although you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover, it's okay to do that every once in a while!
  • A link to where you could buy the book- I will try to find the cheapest place or give a few different options :)
  • An honest and hopefully non-boring opinion of the book, with reasons and an idea of who might like this book (e.g.age groups it would suit)
  • A few books that the book I'm reviewing is similar to <--- That was phrased really badly!
  • And finally, other books by that author or in the same series
The reviews will go up every week on a Sunday and a Wednesday but this week, as I set this up on a Sunday, the first review will be up tomorrow. 

Everyone likes different types of books, and I guess I probably subconsciously stumble across the bookshelves ignoring certain genres, oblivious to the fact I may be missing out. So I will try to read books that I normally wouldn't. However, this could be difficult as I've kind of read all the popular, stereotypically teenager-ish books of our generation already. The Hunger Games (love, love loved it), The Twilight Saga (was slightly obsessed, now questions why), All of the Harry Potter books (amazing) and as a girl, I've read pretty much all of the popular teenagery, girly books. 
I'm now into a different type of books but I guess I would call it miscellaneous because there isn't really a name for it but as I'm reading the books there is a quiet and subtle likeliness between the current and the last. If I find a word for it, I will be straight here!

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