Monday, 20 January 2014

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones by Cassandra Clare- Review

This book was featured on my Stacking the Shelves post from December. Like I say in that, I got this and was so happy! Opening it on christmas day made me itch to read it- especially knowing that I had the rest of the series there too, incase I would be totally unable wait to read the second, then third and so on.
City of bones is all about Clary Fray who- until one day- was just another teenager. This changes when on one night out, she witnesses a murder of a cleverly disguised demon. The murder is committed by a group of teenagers who are, she thinks, so different from her. These teens are Shadowhunters, dedicated to killing terrible demons and sending them back to their own dimension. Clary find herself thrown into this weird world, and faces more questions and problems than expected.
Having recently been reading and obsessing over Contemporary and Dystopia books, I was slightly reluctant to start reading City of Bones because I was still wanting to read my most favourite genres. But... for some reason, I found myself with nothing to read and was drawn to picking this book up. And I'm glad I did. Written in third person, the story starts and is straight into action. There is not enough time at the start between action to get bored. It is fast paced and written in a way which is easy to follow and draws you in, which is obviously an important thing to do and which made me want to see what was going to happen next. As each new character is introduced, they are described and therefore easily imagined. For me, I liked the way that each character was different and I had a real idea of what they were like. This is sooooo important for me because unless the characters are strong, I find it hard to enjoy the book.
Around halfway through, I got into a bit of a reading stop. I was busy a lot and didn't have as much time to read as I usually would, which was really annoying. Also, personally, I thought that the beginning of the book was a lot stronger than the middle; but whether that was down to the fact I was reading in short bursts or not, I don't quite know. Also, as a fantasy book, I was less enthused to read this- but this did change when the action started back up! Despite this, I thought the overall storyline was awesome and wasn't short of twists and turns and this is always a good thing because now I want to read book 2!
Cassandra Clare writes this story in a way that- while still being fantasy- is very relatable. It would be easy to forget that theses characters were teenagers (because they aren't the teenagers we encounter ourselves) if it wasn't for her clever writing. She makes it obvious that Clary would be just an ordinary teenager and one from this generation, through the type of things Clary says and does and enjoys.
I think that although this is fantasy and I was all for Dystopia and Contemporary, this story was different and exciting. The drama in it was huge but it wasn't ever too much. If you enjoy Fantasy and haven't read this series then I would suggest you read it! Even if you're not such a fantasy fan, I think you might still enjoy this book because it isn't massively 'into another world' or unbelievable.
3/5- I liked it

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