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GUEST POST! Book Gifts for Family & Friends

I am really happy to have @Charliebookworm doing a special Christmas guest post! These are gifts that could even be good for birthdays too! Thank you so much Charlie for the fantastic post. Follow her on twitter for news from her blog :)



I’m Charlie Nash and I’m delighted to be doing a guest post for my good friend Kate! So, we are just a few days away from Christmas and I thought that it would be a good idea to give you some suggestions for what books to buy your family and friends for Christmas if you are struggling for present ideas.

So, let’s start with Mum.


The Mum’s book: for the mum who’s best at everything, by Alison Maloney.


Now I haven’t actually read any of this book, however I have got a variety of other books from this series and they are absolutely brilliant! They are witty, charming and hooking. Okay, so this is technically cheating, but I googled this book to find out a bit more, and I found out that it contains pampering tips, as well as ideas for running the perfect children’s party.


I would say that this is a must have book for all mums, especially those who are simply the best!

Now, I personally struggle to find presents for my dad, but I stumbled across this treasure of a book a couple of years ago and it was perfect. Introducing The Teen Owner’s Manual, by Sarah Jordan, Paul Kepple, Scotty Reifsnyder and Janice Hillman M.D.


This book is perfect for the parents of teenagers, as the title suggests, because it covers both the physical and emotional changes that take place during the teenage years.  It gives parents an insight into the situation from various perspectives with advice and information that proved very useful in my family.

Now, I know how difficult it can be to buy presents for boys – be it your brother, your friend or your boyfriend. So I have two tried and tested present suggestions for the boys in your life.


One idea is Beyond the deepwoods, by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell

This is an adventure book, part of a large series, following Twig, a young boy living with the woodtrolls in the Deepwoods, a dangerous part of the Edge. He has to survive a number of close encounters with various creatures before he discovers his destiny.


I first read this book five years ago, when I was 10, but I still enjoy reading it now. My brother also enjoys the book and I have leant it to him on a couple of occasions. It’s timeless and hooking and that is why I would highly recommend it.

The other book I would recommend is Diary of a Wimpy Kid, by Jeff Kinney.


Although I have not actually read this book, I have read the majority of this series.  It is full of humour and the pictures are expertly drawn. The books are designed in a way that means that they actually look like a journal and they keep you wanting to read more. Unlike Beyond the Deepwoods, this series needs very little imagination as you read it – so I enjoy reading the Wimpy kid series when I am tired. In addition, they have won a number of awards, which is testament to the quality of the books.


Friends and sisters are often hardest to buy for, so I have got two suggestions:


Diary of a Would-be Princess, by Jessica Green, is a hilarious look at middle school from the point of view of a student who is friends with an uncool group but whom wants the cool and popular group to notice her.


It is easy to read and is also easy to relate to, especially when you are older because you have been through the same experiences as the character. It covers a whole school year and made me smile all the way through.

Finally, Ask Cosmogirl! About Beauty is a delight for older teenagers. Containing tips on hair styling, skin care and make up to name a few of the topics covered; I have used it constantly over the last few years.  The teenage years are often a minefield as far as hair and make-up are concerned because experimenting is often used. In fact, this is one book that I would almost recommend as one of those things that you save up to buy yourself – just watch out because you will probably use it so much that you can never find it – I keep losing my copy because I move it so often!


It is well written, with advice from the professionals on many occasions and I could not recommend it more highly!




Not all of these books are available in every country, however you will probably be able to buy the book you want on Amazon and it can be imported. I have done this with CDs and books before! The one main piece of advice I would give is to match the book to the person that you are buying it for!


Have a great Christmas!!!





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