Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Waiting on Wednesday

Waiting on Wednesday is a meme where you write about a book that you're looking forward to reading when it is released. It is originally hosted by Jill at and I think t is a great idea!
The book that I would like to put in my first Waiting on Wednesday post is Seven Days by Eve Ainsworth. Some might say that this is a slightly biased review because of the author being related to me, but honestly, I really can't wait for it to be released. It is the sort of book that is so realistic that everything seems familiar in a really good sort of way. It means that the characters are relatable and can be imagined into everyday life and situations. Overall, the story is sad, happy, different and brilliant all at the same time and is written in a way that makes you feel as though you know the characters personally and once you've finished the book, you'll forget that they are just that: characters and not real people that you actually have to worry about.
The story is about a girl called Jess who, putting it simply, doesn't have the easiest of lives. She lives in a pretty rough estate with kids that all look down on her because of her weight and other things that people are shallow enough to care about. It is set over just seven days (hence the title) which makes it really different to a lot of books I have read and it also means that a lot of detail can be put into each part of the story. On top of this, it is a dual narrative- written from the point of view of Kez who, on the surface, appears to have it all. This makes a lot of the story contrast which then makes it interesting because you get to view things from a different perspective.Over the course of the book, lots of things happen which change the girls and how they see themselves and each other, and that seems relevant for a lot of teenagers.

It is not to be available until 2015! A long wait, but well worth it. It is being published by scholastic and at the minute, the cover is not yet released.  I can't wait to read it as a proper paperback and also I can't wait for it to get the readers that it deserves!

To find out more about the author, her blog is:
For updates on writing and other things:@EveAinsworth

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