Wednesday, 20 November 2013

The World of Books Will Wait

What I love the most is when you read a book and it sticks in your mind for a slightly mad amount of time. Or when you have to put a book down (or be forcibly removed from it) and the great feeling of picking it back up and diving in again. For me, that is one of the best things: you could leave a book for days or weeks or years and it will be the same. The characters wouldn't have walked off while you were away, or the zombie apocalypse wouldn't have commenced unless it was written in the book. A war could start, a baby could be born, but the story won't change. I think that that is why there is much comfort in reading a book- because it is reassuring to have something that is so completely stable. Regardless of the book you are reading, it is an unwritten guarantee that nothing that is going on with you personally will change the story. In a world that is so fast-paced and where nothing can be promised, books are a world that provide something that most humans crave and that is stability.

Although books can be crazy and strange and exciting and draining and upsetting and more all at the same time, the world of books will wait for you.

Also, when a book ends, it's horrible. If it's a book you've enjoyed that is. But there is always the opportunity to go back and re-read it, to turn the pages for a second time or a fifth or tenth time, to read the words again and to read them in the same way or differently. Again, that's something that you cannot do in real life- you can't go back and do things over or again which is probably another of many reasons why people will always find a sense of release in books. 

Personally, I will always see reading as something I enjoy naturally, but when I take time to think about it, I understand the mechanics behind it. To open a book is to open a door to another world where the person you are or want to be doesn't change anything. The book won't be different if you think your head is too big or your eyes too small. The characters won't care (or know) if you aren't the best at everything, which is so amazingly great. Almost as amazing as the fact that it matters sometimes to us in the real world.

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