Sunday, 8 December 2013

Christmas Presents For Fictional Characters!

Firstly, this post is super late because my laptop broke. :( But I'll be catching up and posting lots more Christmas themed posts this week!
I was given this idea by another blogger and totally loved it. It was actually surprisingly hard to come up with ideas for each character but fun too. These are just a few fictional characters that I really like and an idea of what they would need/want for Christmas!

1. The obvious character that I couldn't leave out... Katniss Everdeen! Because who doesn't like her? I was thinking that Katniss would probably be a reluctant gift receiver- not wanting to accept a gift that was too much or that made her feel like she owed someone something. So, I decided that the best present for her would be something for Prim. She would love for Prim to receive something and that would, in return, make Katniss extra happy. Then, I would do one of those hampers that a lot of people give for christmas, full of things that are too hard or expensive to get in the Seam. It would be bursting with food essentials, tinned goods that they could eat when hunting was difficult, flour, sugar, rice, beans and grains so that they wouldn't have to put in for tesserae. And of course, a few luxuries for Christmas time, such as mince pies and chocolate. Katniss would have to accept it because they would need it, and it would make their Christmas less full of worry for what the next few months would bring. Not very glamorous, but this is Katniss we're talking about!

(The Hunger Games)

2. The next character is August from the book called Wonder. I think that August is such a lovely character who deserves a present that is truly great. So, I think I would get him a book, like a scrapbook, which would have pictures and notes from all of his friends and family to make him feel a bit better about being himself. There could be jokes from his friends in there too to make him laugh, and hopefully to show just how much everybody appreciates him. Then, I might get a video game because he seems to like them from the book, as a lot of people do! 

3. Augustus Waters had to be on here.(The Fault in our Stars) Sorry, but it had to be done. Augustus is the sort of person who I imagine not to be very into material gifts, but things that he will remember or have some sort of metaphorical meaning hidden behind it. This in mind, I think he would like a gift that allowed him to do something or go somewhere where he hasn't been before. Given that money was not a limiting factor, I would get him plane tickets to somewhere he's wanted to go. Because, as we realise in the story, he's not been on many plane journeys, so that in itself would be an adventure. Maybe the plane could take him somewhere that he would enjoy, but where he could do something that he feels has helped someone- so he is reassured that he has not lived in vain, as he is so scared of doing. Perhaps a trip to somewhere that he could explore, but see the other side too and help children in poverty or build a school. I just think that that would suit his personality.

4.Finally, the last character is Jack from Room by Emma Donoghue. This boy is so adorable and brilliant, and definitely deserves a present equally as good. His mum is incredible too, and wouldn't want him to be spoilt, so his presents would need to be not too over the top. Definitely, I would want to get him a book because he seems to enjoy them a lot, but I would think that a good idea would be tickets to see a character in the theatre. You know how they do stage productions of lots of different t.v. shows? Well, he would love that! Dora is obviously his favourite, and so if that exists, I would love to get him tickets to see her on stage!

Please comment if you have any gift ideas for characters because I would love to know!

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