Saturday, 2 November 2013

November Update!

Last month (October)I re-read The Fault in Our Stars and I read Delirium and Room. My reading list was soooo short because I spent a lot of last month catching up on homework, finishing my art work for school and being tired. These excuses are lame and quite pitiful but to be honest, the reason I re-read The Fault in Our Stars was because I couldn't find anything to read. That's why I'm so happy to have started blogging because I now have access to and awareness about all the great reviews that are around and ProjectYA and GoodReads also help massively. My list of books that I would like to read is now scarily long (in a good way) and I know where to go when those books are ticked off the list.

It might sound weird because I've only been blogging a few weeks but a lot of the blogs who I follow on twitter have been really helpful and welcoming which makes me really happy, so thanks to anyone who has been helping me or tweeting me, retweeting and commenting on my posts! 

This month I am going to be reading Pandemonium which is the sequel to Delirium. A review of Delirium and Room will be coming up, and then of course Pandemonium will follow. I'll then be reading a book which I won on a giveaway from the fantastic Bookw0rmtales blog ( ) called Playtime by Stephanie Fox. I'm really glad to have won because I don't usually and also because getting things in the post is way more exciting to me than it should be! Then I will review Playtime. I don't know yet what to read after that, but I'm thinking maybe the first of the Divergent trilogy... I've heard all about the excitement of Allegiant on twitter and through blog posts so I want to see what all the hype is about! Any other book recommendations?

I am taking part in this years NaNoWriMo which is so far challenging but fun. I really hope I can complete it.


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